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Audit Report: The Peace Corps’ Management of Payroll and Benefits for U.S. Direct Hires

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Agency Wide
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Questioned Costs
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Disclaimer: Open/Closed recommendations are updated semiannually.

That the Peace Corps develop mitigating strategies for deficiencies in National Finance Center systems while completing the Human Resource Management risk register.

That the Chief Human Capital Officer ensure approximately $1,550 in salary overpayments due to incorrect locality rates are resolved by issuing Administrative Billings and Collections bills and/or request waiver approvals from the Chief Financial Officer.

That Chief Human Capital Officer issue retroactive locality payments to the three underpaid individuals for approximately $4,383.

That Chief Human Capital Officer and Office of Chief Financial Officer establish a process to review and reconcile retroactive adjustments to ensure that the correct amounts are reflected in the payroll transactions.

That the Chief Human Capital Officer ensures that human resource management staff are trained to research errors that need retroactive adjustments.