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FOIA Request

Submit a FOIA or Privacy Act request

Use the “Submit a FOIA request” button to access the Public Access Link (PAL) to submit either type of request. A visitor will first need to register by providing the same contact information required in a traditional FOIA letter or email. Your PAL account is also used to receive responses and any records. Please contact the FOIA inbox email if you have not received your initial code email after 24 hours. 

FOIA request must contain:

  • Your first and last name, your contact information, and declare that this is a FOIA request.
  • Identify the records or information you seek by providing a description of the material, a date range, and any other details that will assist us in a records search.
  • Identify your requester category from the three broad groups: Commercial; Media/Educational/Scientific; or Other.
  • Include a “willingness-to-pay” statement in the event that we need to discuss fees with you. FOIA Fees at a Glance [PDF] outlines the category fee breakdown.
  • Refer to 22 CFR 303 for complete request details.

The Privacy Act, 5 USC 552a, allows an individual the right to request records maintained by a federal agency concerning oneself. The Peace Corps Privacy Act Program is described under the CFR Title 22, Chapter 3, Part 308 (22 CFR 308). Please visit our Privacy Act page for more details.

Privacy Act request is for access to records about you maintained under a Peace Corps system of records. Please include:

  • Your full name, contact information, and a description of the records you seek concerning yourself.
  • You must include proof of your identity to verify access to such records. Proof of identity includes a photo ID, a Peace Corps Volunteer number, if applicable, or other identifiable information that assists us in securing your request.
  • If you are unable to provide ID verification, please complete and submit this Privacy Act declaration of identity statement [PDF]. Contact the FOIA Office if you cannot download this form.

Third party requests for Privacy Act records must have the signed approval of the individual. Please ask for “Authorization for Disclosure of Non-Public Volunteer Information.” The Peace Corps makes certain types of records created by the agency available electronically on the internet without having to make request. FOIA reports and other agency reports (such as impact studies, surveys, etc.) can be found in the searchable reports listingOffice of Inspector General reports are also available.


Submit a FOIA Request