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About the Office

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    Support Peace Corps Act goals and make the best use of taxpayer dollars through independent oversight of agency programs and operations.

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    Excellence, positive change, integrity, and collaboration.

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    Be valued oversight professionals collaborating to advance positive change in the Peace Corps

The purpose of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) is to prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement and to promote effectiveness and efficiency in government. 

OIG is an independent entity within the Peace Corps. The Inspector General reports directly to Congress and the Peace Corps Director, keeping them fully and currently informed concerning the programs and operations of the Peace Corps.

Read PC OIG Strategic Plan Read PC OIG Annual Plan

The Audit Unit conducts independent audits and reviews of agency programs and operations that support the Peace Corps mission. The objectives of OIG audits are to independently examine the financial and administrative operations of the Peace Corps, to promote economy and efficiency, and to ensure compliance with Federal law, regulations, and Peace Corps policy. Audits are wide ranging; covering agency activities carried out at overseas posts as well as agency-wide operations that affect multiple offices. Auditors report their conclusions and recommendations based on data and document analyses, interviews, and direct observation. OIG also monitors the agency’s progress in correcting systemic weaknesses identified in audit reports.  Audits and other reviews are conducted under the direction and guidance of the Assistant Inspector General for Audits. Audits are performed in accordance with the U.S. Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) issued by the Comptroller General of the United States.

Assistant Inspector General of Audit – David Haney

The Evaluation Unit provides the agency with systematic and independent evaluations and reviews of agency programs, operations, or policies at overseas posts and domestic offices. Evaluations address efficiency and effectiveness, identify best practices, and recommend improvements. Evaluators also participate in cross-unit reviews with OIG auditors and investigators. The Evaluation Unit reports provide timely, credible information that is useful to managers, policymakers, and others. Evaluations and other reviews are conducted under the direction and guidance of the Assistant Inspector General for Evaluations. Evaluations are performed in accordance with the CIGIE Quality Standards for Inspection and Evaluation.

Assistant Inspector General of Evaluations – Reuben Marshall

The Investigation Unit is authorized to conduct investigations of alleged criminal and administrative violations of law, regulation, and policy in Peace Corps programs and operations, both domestically and internationally. The unit investigates allegations involving Peace Corps staff, contractors, Volunteers, and other individuals conducting transactions with the Peace Corps. Allegations are made by Peace Corps stakeholders such as Volunteers, trainees, staff, contractors, other Federal entities, and the general public. OIG receives these allegations through audits, evaluations, Hotline complaints, and other means. OIG investigators have full law enforcement authority, including the authority, upon probable cause, to seek and execute warrants for arrest, search premises, and seize evidence. They are authorized to carry firearms and to make arrests without a warrant while engaged in official duties.

In addition, OIG receives substantial investigative support from the Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security. The Investigation Unit continues to implement the Sam Farr and Nick Castle Peace Corps Reform Act of 2018 provisions regarding independent reviews of the facts and circumstances surrounding Volunteer deaths. It is the practice of the Investigation Unit to review the details of each incident to assess whether further investigation is required.

Directive 2023-03 

Assistant Inspector General of Investigations – Paul Desautels

The Management and Administration Unit (M&A unit) provides management of OIG operations and administrative support to all of the units and OIG staff in matters involving human resources, expenditure of funds, facilities, travel, information technology, and procurement of goods and services through contracts and other agreements.  The M&A unit conducts the OIG strategic and annual planning processes, formulates the Peace Corps OIG annual budget estimate and request and administers the OIG operating plan and budget.  With respect to administrative services furnished to or required by OIG, the M&A unit serves as the liaison with the Office of Management, Office of Human Resources, Office of Safety and Security, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, and the Office of the Chief Information Officer. The M&A unit supports the report editing processes with respect to OIG audits, evaluations, investigations, other reviews, and other office publications. The M&A unit also manages the OIG website, Twitter account and stakeholder outreach and training.

Assistant Inspector General of Management & Administration – Sarah Gerwin