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Follow-Up Review of Peace Corps/Namibia

Report Information

Date Issued
Report Number
Report Type
Inspection / Evaluation
The objective of this limited scope follow-up review was to determine if the agreed upon corrective actions taken in response to four findings from the Final Report on the Program Evaluation of Peace Corps/Namibia issued in March 2013 were fully implemented and had the intended effects. We found that, overall, the post had improved with respect to three of the four areas selected for review, particularly in iterating on feedback and agency guidance where technical training was concerned. This follow-up included four recommendations, all with which the post concurred.
Agency Wide
No (location specific)



Disclaimer: Open/Closed recommendations are updated semiannually.

We recommend that the director of programming and training oversee the timely documentation of the review and approval of Volunteer sites by key staff

We recommend that the programming and training staff review, clarify, and codify local language proficiency benchmarks.

We recommend that the Peace Corps medical officers complete the post’s medical action plan.

We recommend that the Peace Corps medical officers create a plan for visiting, assessing, and documenting local healthcare facilities and providers within the timeframe required by agency guidance.