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Summary of Internal Control Issues Over the Peace Corps' Financial Reporting

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Agency Wide
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Disclaimer: Open/Closed recommendations are updated semiannually.

Update policies and procedures to clarify the roles of all responsible offices and establish
timelines in accordance with the SFFAS No. 6 for proper recording of additions and disposal of
assets in Sunflower and the Fixed Asset module. The updated roles should clearly establish the
authority to make final determinations when discrepancies of opinions occur.

Enhance the reconciliations of the source systems and Fixed Asset module to ensure the
reconciliations take into consideration the asset status in the source system (assets with disposed
status should be removed from Odyssey) and the asset value (it should agree in both systems).
When differences are identified, they should be investigated and resolved within a timely manner.

Update policies and procedures to clarify that OCFO is ultimately responsible for determining if
assets, including IT assets, meet the capitalization threshold in both Fixed Asset Module and
tracking systems (e.g., Sunflower and VMIS).

Update the procedures on how Bulk Assets are recorded as separate assets to make them easily
identifiable in Sunflower.

Review purchase orders monthly for orders over the threshold that could have been