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Audit of Peace Corps/Ghana

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OIG conducted the audit of Peace Corps/Ghana from July 15, 2019 to August 2, 2019. Our overall objective in auditing overseas posts is to determine whether the financial and administrative operations are functioning effectively and in compliance with Peace Corps policies and Federal regulations. The post’s financial and administrative operations required improvement to comply with agency policies and applicable Federal laws and regulations. Our report contains 52 recommendations directed to both the post and headquarters. Our recommendations included strengthening controls over managing imprest funds, Volunteer payments, property accountability, grants management, security certifications, financial management system access, and bill of collections; ensuring that contracts are adequately executed, and purchases are adequately authorized.
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Disclaimer: Open/Closed recommendations are updated semiannually.

We recommend that the director of management and operations implement a process to ensure that interim advances are liquidated within 3 days, that the process follows requirements in OFMH 13, and that records are kept for these advances as required in MS 892.

We recommend that the director of management and operations prepare an occasional money holder memorandum that includes the staff authorized as occasional money holder, and that it is maintained in the cashier’s files, and updated as needed.

We recommend that the director of management and operations ensure that post’s cashier, alternate cashiers, and sub-cashiers understand their record keeping responsibilities for outstanding interim advances.

We recommend that the country director ensure that the cash movement policy contains all the requirements listed in OFMH 13, is approved by the RSO, revised annually, and maintained as part of the cashier’s files.

We recommend that the director of management and operations ensure that future discrepancies noted in the 365 report are properly documented and that the resolution process properly follows requirements listed in OFMH 13.