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CIGIE Honors Exceptional Individuals from Peace Corps Office of Inspector General at 26th Annual Awards Ceremony

Washington, D.C. — On November 7th 2023, the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) celebrated the exemplary contributions of seven outstanding individuals from the Peace Corps Office of Inspector General (OIG) during the prestigious 26th Annual CIGIE Awards Ceremony. The event featured a keynote address by the former U.S. Secretary of Defense, The Honorable James N. Mattis. Each year, CIGIE's Awards recognize the remarkable achievements of inspector general staff from various federal agencies, showcasing their commendable interagency collaboration aimed at combating fraud, waste, and abuse in government programs and operations.

CIGIE recognized an interdisciplinary group of evaluators and investigators from the Peace Corps OIG, conveying an award of excellence for a review of reports of sexual assaults at eight Peace Corps posts. CIGIE also recognized an interagency team working under the leadership of the Peace Corps IG for their legal and legislative assistance to Congress leading to IG reforms. 

Inspector General Joaquin Ferrao expressed his pride in the accomplishments of his staff stating, "I am immensely proud of the exceptional work recognized by CIGIE today. Our dedicated teams and outstanding individuals have consistently delivered pioneering oversight that transcends the Peace Corps Office of Inspector General, resonating throughout the entire federal government. These awards not only acknowledge their exemplary work but also highlight the invaluable contributions they make to our nation's governance and public trust. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the deserving awardees, and their achievements."

The Peace Corps OIG recipients of this year's CIGIE Awards are as follows:

Special Acts Awards for Excellence – OIG Joint Evaluation/Investigation Review of Peace Corps Response to Reports of Sexual Assaults. In recognition of the team’s dedication and collaboration on a cross-functional review of reports of sexual assaults at eight Peace Corps posts.

Paul Desautels – Assistant Inspector General for Investigations

Reuben Marshall – Assistant Inspector General for Evaluations 

Franz Blanchard – Senior Investigator    

Kristine Hoffer – Senior Evaluator

Kareen Vares – Program Analyst 

Law and Legislation Award for Excellence - In recognition of the CIGIE Legislation Committee team’s excellence in providing technical assistance to Congress supporting changes in law enhancing IG authorities and independence.

CIGIE Legislation Committee Team for the 117th Congress 

Peace Corps OIG – Ranju Shrestha, Deputy Counsel

Peace Corps OIG -- Elizabeth Sweetland, Senior Assistant Legal Counsel 

CIGIE – Atticus Reaser 

DOJ OIG – Adam Miles 

DOT OIG – Eric Dugger 

FDIC OIG – Michael McCarthy 

FTC OIG – Marissa Gould 

HUD OIG – Christopher Fontanesi 

ITC OIG – Jill Trynosky 

NGA OIG – Jacquelyn Phillips 

OPM OIG – Angela Kendera 

SSA OIG – Michelle Bloom

About CIGIE: CIGIE is an independent entity within the executive branch representing these 72 OIGs. CIGIE’s mission is to promote integrity, economy, and effectiveness in government agencies as well as to increase the professionalism and effectiveness of personnel in the community of inspectors general. For more information on the IG community, visit http://www.ignet.gov