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Evaluation of Peace Corps/Panama

Report Information

Date Issued
Report Number
Report Type
Inspection / Evaluation
This evaluation assessed Peace Corps/Panama operations in the following areas: programming, training, site management, Volunteer health, Volunteer safety, administration, communication and collaboration, and staffing. The report made 14 recommendations, which, if implemented, should strengthen post operations and correct the deficiencies detailed in the report.
Agency Wide
No (location specific)



Disclaimer: Open/Closed recommendations are updated semiannually.

That the director of programming and training align the health project goals with national development goals and the work Volunteers can realistically accomplish as part of the agency’s programming, training, and evaluation realignment process.

That the monitoring, reporting, and evaluation specialist develop an action plan to improve monitoring, reporting, and evaluation that addresses staff and Volunteer capacity, data quality, reporting to stakeholders, and data driven program improvement.

That the Peace Corps medical officers collaborate with the training manager and the Counseling and Outreach Unit to revise the post’s training about mental health care so that it clarifies the process for accessing mental health services and sufficiently acknowledges the adjustment challenges and risks of mental health complications during service.

That the director of programming and training collaborate with the safety and security manager to develop a plan to improve the post’s compliance with safety criteria for Volunteer housing.

That the director of programming and training organize site history files by site, ensure that staff are properly documenting crime incidents in the files, and institute a procedure to consult site history files as part of site development.