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Audit of Peace Corps/Thailand

Report Information

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Our report contains 13 recommendations directed to the post and headquarters. We recommend that the post improve controls related to Volunteer health information, billing and collection, and imprest fund. Additionally, we recommend that headquarters revise policies and procedures related to the distribution of medical supplies to Volunteers, as well as administration of financial-system user roles.
Agency Wide
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Disclaimer: Open/Closed recommendations are updated semiannually.

That the Office of Health Services modify medical technical guidelines to provide reasonable assurance that the Peace Corps complies with all laws and customs of host countries when importing, prescribing, and dispensing medication.

That the Office of Health Services develop training on maintaining and protecting personal health information in accordance with Manual Section 294 Policy and Procedures.

That the Office of the Chief Financial Officer provide training to post administrative and medical units on Overseas Financial Management Handbook guidance regarding medical confidentiality and processing medical vouchers.

That the Office of the Chief Financial Officer work with the Office of the Chief Information Officer to analyze the post’s Global Accounts Payable shared folders containing confidential and sensitive data and determine ways to prevent improper uploading and storing of sensitive information.

That the country director and the director of management and operations work with the Royal Thai Government to create a new memorandum of understanding regarding host country contributions.